Coach Anthony


Anthony grew up playing competitive sports, to not only help him stay fit but to help him get

through what life threw at him. Learning quality values from physical fitness such as

teamwork and fighting through adversity led Anthony to CrossFit. When he first walked through

CrossFit Breckenridge’s front door in 2018, he knew it would be something he would stay

committed to for the rest of his life. Not so much for the physical appearance CrossFit helps you

build but the mental toughness you create every time you show up for a class. Anthony knew it

was not about being better than others but about leaving everything that you had in that box.

Understanding that through pain and suffering you can learn to callous your mind so nothing

can ever break you down. Anthony has a great passion for leading others to take initiative in

their health. He takes great pride in helping people progress through their journey. When not at

the gym, you can see Anthony doing some sort of physical activity or learning something new.